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An Introduction to Fundamental Rights in Europe
– History, Theory, Cases
Författare:Facchi Alessandra , Falcetta Silvia , Riva Nicola
Titel:An Introduction to Fundamental Rights in Europe – History, Theory, Cases
Omfång:160 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt , Allmän rättslära , Statsvetenskap och politik

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This is a concise and accessible introduction to fundamental rights in Europe from the perspectives of history, theory and an analysis of European jurisprudence. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the book equips readers with the tools to understand the foundations and the functioning of this complex and multi-layered topic.

Key Features:

• A combination of historical and philosophical approaches with analysis of significant legal cases
• A multidisciplinary outlook, in contrast to the strict legal approach of most textbooks on the subject
• A European perspective which refers throughout to central European values such as freedom, equality, solidarity and dignity
• A specific focus on fundamental rights, which have received less attention in the fields of legal history and theory in comparison to human rights

This textbook will be an important resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in law, philosophy and political science. It will be particularly useful to those studying the law of fundamental rights or human rights as a complement to more traditional legal approaches.




1. Origins: from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century

2. From man’s natural rights to citizens’ fundamental rights

3. Fundamental human rights and their multilevel protection


4. The idea of fundamental rights

5. The reality of fundamental rights

6. The justification of fundamental rights


7. Sex, gender, sexual orientation

8. Employment, social protection, the environment

9. Religion, ‘race’ and ethnicity, culture

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