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Rule of Reason
– Rethinking Another Classic of European Legal Doctrine
Författare:Schrauwen Annette
Titel:Rule of Reason – Rethinking Another Classic of European Legal Doctrine
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Förlag:Europa Law Publishing
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Ämnesord:EU-rätt , Allmän rättslära

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Ever since the Dassonville and Cassis de Dijon rulings, the European rule of reason stands for the dilemma between EU norm imposition and requirements of general interest. It surfaces at various settings within EU law. The motto of the Union, united in diversity, reflects the balance between (European) unity and (national) diversity that has to be struck at almost every field of Union activity, with different results at each instance.

This book contains the papers of a conference organised by the University of Amsterdam on the Rule of Reason concept. It is meant to comprise a full account of the legal state of affairs. It addresses the topic not only from the perspective of EC law, but also from those of constitutional law, public international law and private law.
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