Handbook on Labor Arbitration
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Titel:Handbook on Labor Arbitration
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Chapter One: Issues in Labor Arbitration
I. Labor and Employment Arbitration: What’s Justice Got to Do With It?
By Dennis Nolan
II. Alternatives for Labor Arbitrators
By Walter J. Gershenfeld
III. Issues in Discharge Arbitration
By Walter J. Gershenfeld & Gladys Gershenfeld
IV. The Role of the Union in the Arbitration of Statutory Employment Claims
By Martin Oppenheimer & John F. Fullerton III
V. Job Discrimination Claims Under Collective Bargaining
By Harvey R. Boller & Donald J. Petersen

Chapter Two: Labor Arbitration Procedures
I. Due Process in the Discipline Process
By Peter Florey
II. Rules of Evidence in Labor Arbitration
By Michael S. Winograd
III. Arbitral Perspectives in Supervisor Work Restriction Cases
By Donald J. Petersen
IV. The Eight Essential Steps of Grievance Processing
By Mark I. Lurie
V. National Labor Relations Board Deferral to Arbitration
By James L. Ferree

Chapter Three: Labor Arbitrators’ Issues
I. Some Dos and Don’ts of Labor Arbitration for Advocates
By Barry Winograd
II. Labor-Management Dispute Resolution and the Media
By Jim McCafferty
III. The Arbitrator’s Dilemma: External vs Internal Law? Narrowing the Debate
By Steven K. Birch
IV. Billing Practices in Labor Arbitration: Thoughts on Block Fees and Other Fee Issues
By Peter Florey
V. Disclosure Problems of the Academic Labor Arbitrator
By Joseph Krislov

Chapter Four: Judicial Review of Labor Arbitration
I.Arbitration in Public Sector Labor Disputes
By Richard M. Gaba
II.“Contract Reading” in Labor Arbitration
By Theodore J. St Antoine
III.Constructing a New Paradigm of Labor Arbitration
By Charles J. Coleman and Gerald C. Coleman

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