Value Added Tax
� A Comparative Approach
Författare:Schenk Alan , Oldman Oliver
Titel:Value Added Tax � A Comparative Approach
Omfång:532 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press

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Contents: 1. Survey of taxes on consumption and income and introduction to Value Added Tax; Appendix A to chapter 1 - development taxation; 2. Forms of consumption-based taxes and altering the tax base; 3. Varieties of VAT in use; 4. Registration, taxpayer, and taxable business activity; 5. Taxable supplies of goods and services and tax invoices; 6. The Tax Credit mechanism; 7. Introduction to cross-border aspects of VAT; 8. Timing and valuation rules; 9. Zero rating and exemptions and government entities and non-profit organizations; 10. Gambling and financial services (other than insurance); 11. Insurance; 12. Inter-jurisdictional aspects of VAT in federal countries and common markets; 13. Real property; 14. Proposals for US tax on consumption; Appendices.
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