Basic International Taxation - Volume II: Practice
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Titel:Basic International Taxation - Volume II: Practice
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Chapter 5: Basic Principles of International Tax Planning
International Tax Planning
International Tax Structures
Tax Planning for Cross-border Transactions -- Some Examples
International Tax Planning for Expatriate Individuals
Avoidance of Economic Double Taxation of Dividends
Tax Consolidation Rules ("Group Taxation")
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Chapter 6: Anti-Avoidance Measures
Judicial Anti-avoidance Doctrines
Anti-treaty Shopping Measures
Controlled Foreign Corporation
Thin Capitalisation
Transfer Pricing
Some Other Anti-avoidance Measures
Anti-avoidance and International Tax Planning
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Chapter 7: International Offshore Financial Centres
What is a Tax Haven
The Role of Offshore Financial Centres
How to Choose an International Offshore Financial Centre
Examples of Intermediary Entities
Major Financial Centres
Current Issues and Developments
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Chapter 8: Some Current Issues in International Taxation
Electronic Commerce
Cross-border Computer Software Payments
Technical Services and Assistance
Attribution of Income to Permanent Establishments
Treatment of Exchange Gains and Losses
Triangular Cases
Financial Instruments
Employee Stock Options
Treaty Issues under the United Nations Model
Other Selected Topics
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Chapter 9: National Tax Systems (Selected Countries)
Developed Economies
Developing Economies
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Recent Developments in International Taxation

Exhibits - Model Tax Treaties
OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital (January 28, 2003)
United Nations Model Tax Convention between Developed and Developing Countries (January 11, 2001)
United States Model Income Tax Convention (September 20, 1996)
League of Nations Draft Treaties 1928 - 1946
Andean Model

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