International Public Procurement
� A Guide to Best Practice
Författare:Hernández Garcia
Titel:International Public Procurement � A Guide to Best Practice
Omfång:453 sid.
Förlag:Globe Law and Business
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Public procurement rules are intended to ensure the best terms for government and the adequate protection of suppliers and contractors that sell their goods and services to the state. This practical new title is particularly timely given the evolution and improvement of public procurement regimes in many jurisdictions.

This unique guide contains contributions from leading experts around the world who explain best practices in public procurement in their jurisdictions, in addition to 19 jurisdictional chapters by leading professionals, featured chapters include contributions on United Nations best practice, the European directives, how countries are fighting corruption in the field and how public-private partnership projects are procured.

Legal advisers, government officers, consultants and academics will find the book useful in providing practical ideas regarding how best practices have been implemented in different jurisdictions and the results of such implementation.
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