Transfer Pricing Manual
Författare:Green Gareth
Titel:Transfer Pricing Manual
Omfång:446 sid.
Förlag:BNA International

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The Transfer Pricing Manual gives you an authoritative practical overview from leading practitioners world-wide.

Refer to the practical examples and expert guidance on how things are done in the "real" transfer pricing world. Each chapter looks at the OECD guidelines relevant to that area and examines how they are reflected in practice. Obtain essential insight and clarity with the expert solutions provided to typical problems that arise. The Transfer Pricing Manual is invaluable for its day-to-day practical reference value.

Each topic is covered in a comprehensive and seamless manner for ease of reference. This allows you to research specific transfer pricing queries instantly and accurately. Authors are drawn from the key trading areas of Europe, the US and Asia to give a unique global perspective. Practical and comprehensive, the Transfer Pricing Manual is your essential reference guide to transfer pricing theory and practice.
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