Media matters in the cultural contradictions of the "information society"
� Towards a human rights-based governance
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Titel:Media matters in the cultural contradictions of the "information society" � Towards a human rights-based governance
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Is an online identity protected by freedom of expression or is it a form of publicity subject to trademark law? Is online privacy a commercial service or a public right? What are the limits of consent when dealing with privacy as a service? What are "free", "open", or "public" services on the Internet and how can citizens use them effectively? What policy initiatives can ensure that the digital networks deliver the goods, spectacles and services for our everyday activities that improve our quality of life? What role for governments, the private sector and civil society? What frameworks for international policy instruments to achieve a fair, inclusive and balanced governance of the media as they go digital?

This work addresses these burning issues - and many more - that preoccupy decision makers, researchers and activists at all levels of society. It covers the issues of dignity, ethics, identity, privacy, cultural diversity, public service, gate-keeping and education in an encompassing human rights-based governance framework. Considering the perils and promises of each issue, the authors make constructive recommendations, insisting on the relation between local and global governance, the public value of media and digital networks and the benefits of multi-stakeholder partnerships.




Introduction -The cultural contradictions of the "information society"

1. Defining media today: spectacles or services?
2. Fostering ethics beyond access
3. Reclaiming dignity
4. Constructing a positive lifelong dynamic identity
5. Securing Privacy 2.0
6. Creating diversity as a new right for media in culture
7. Re-valorising the public service value of the networks
8. Gatekeeping the gatekeepers
9. Assessing risk of harm and protection of minors
10. Connecting media education to human rights: public, open, participatory and ethical

Conclusion: Modelling the amplification of governance

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