Transfer pricing & tax avoidance
Författare:Chodikoff David
Titel:Transfer pricing & tax avoidance
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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Transfer Pricing & Tax Avoidance: Jurisdictional Comparisons is the essential reference guide for corporations, financial institutions and legal professionals.

Covering major jurisdictions worldwide it provides a clear overview of the law relating to transfer pricing and tax avoidance in each one, and is structured to allow easy comparisons between jurisdictions.

- Offers a well organised starting point for international reference
- Covers the law in major jurisdictions around the world
- Uses a reader-friendly Q&A format that enables quick and easy crossjurisdictional comparisons
- Includes contributions from leading local practitioners who are experts in the field
- Addresses the key questions of multinational organisations
- Transfer pricing: covers topics such as legislative framework; national policy initiatives; revenue authority initiatives; administrative guidelines; case law; penalties; dispute resolution mechanisms
- Tax avoidance: covers topics such as acceptable tax planning areas; definitions of abusive tax avoidance; legislative framework; key case law; penalties; current trends
- Provides straightforward, practical commentary on each jurisdiction and the respective legal systems
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