Understanding Sociology of Law
Författare:Baier Matthias , Svensson Måns , Nafstad Ida
Titel:Understanding Sociology of Law
Omfång:105 sid.
Ämnesord:Offentlig rätt

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Understanding Sociology of Law introduces an innovative way of thinking about sociology of law based on the notion that it can be understood through four dimensions and their mutual relations:

• Law as a formal order
• The effects of law
• Legal and social change
• Laws of everyday life

All chapters are related to and placed within these four dimensions. After having achieved knowledge about the dimensions and their interplay, the students themselves can pose relevant questions in the field of sociology of law and answer the questions in a comprehensible manner. In other words, this is more than a book – it is a tool. Understanding Sociology of Law can be used duringseveral years of the educational programme.

Understanding Sociology of Law is primarily aimed at students in the field of sociology of law. But due to its introductory nature, it can also be useful for students who encounter sociology of law through other fields, such as sociology, criminology, social work, and law.
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