Nuclear Law
� The Global Debate
Titel:Nuclear Law � The Global Debate
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This open access book traces the journey of nuclear law: its origins, how it has developed, where it is now, and where it is headed. As a discipline, this highly specialized body of law makes it possible for us to benefit from the life-saving applications of nuclear science and technology, including diagnosing cancer as well as avoiding and mitigating the effects of climate change. This book seeks to give readers a glimpse into the future of nuclear law, science and technology. It intends to provoke thought and discussion about how we can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks inherent in nuclear science and technology. This compilation of essays presents a global view in discipline as well as in geography. The book is aimed at representatives of governments—including regulators, policymakers and lawmakers—as well representatives of international organizations and the legal and insurance sectors. It will be of interest to all those keen to better understand the role of law in enabling the safe, secure, and peaceful use of nuclear technology around the world.

The contributions in this book are written by leading experts, including the IAEA’s Director General, and discuss the four branches of nuclear law—safety, security, safeguards and nuclear liability—and the interaction of nuclear law with other fields of national and international law.

Table of contents:

- Front Matter
- Nuclear Law: The Global Debate
- Nuclear Laws for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
- Russian Vision of the Problems and Prospects of the International Legal Framework in the Context of Small Modular Reactors and Transportable Nuclear Power Units
- Milestones in Nuclear Law: A Journey in Nuclear Regulation
- Strengthening the Global Nuclear Safety Regime
- The Challenge of Climate Change—Complete Energy Systems Transformation: No Nuclear, No Net Zero
- Legal Imputation of Radiation Harm to Radiation Exposure Situations
- The Efficacy of the Global Nuclear Security Legal Regime and States’ Implementation Capacity in Light of the Forthcoming Development of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technologies
- Building a Nuclear Security Regime: Questions to Be Asked
- IAEA Safeguards: Correctness and Completeness of States’ Safeguards Declarations
- Safeguards for the Future
- Nuclear Liability and Post-Fukushima Developments
- The Humanitarian Atom: The Role of Nuclear Power in Addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
- Nuclear Newcomer Countries—The Path of the United Arab Emirates
- Building the Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security Authority in the Kingdom of Morocco: Sharing Experience and Lessons Learned

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