Data Protection Law
� Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits
Författare:Bygrave Lee A.
Titel:Data Protection Law � Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits
Omfång:426 sid.
Serie:Information Law Series nr. 10
Ämnesord:Offentlig rätt , IT-rätt

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1. Introduction
2. Aims and Scope of Data Protection Laws
3. Core Principles of Data Protection Laws
4. Monitoring, Supervisory and Enforcement Regimes
5. Concluding Observations for Part I
6. Catalysts for Emergence of Data Protection Laws
7. Values and Interests Safeguarded by Data Protection Laws
8. Concluding Observations for Part II
9. Background to Issue
10. Existing Safeguards for Data on Collective Entities Pursuant to Data Protection Laws
11. Consequences of Protecting Data on Collective Entities
12. Data Protection Interests of Collective Entities
13. Social, Economic and Political Factors
14. Legal Factors
15. Protection for Data on Non-organised Collective Entities
16. Concluding Observations for Part III
17. Profiling as Practice and Problem
18. Regulation of Profiling
19. Concluding Remarks on Part IV
20. Conclusion
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