International Public Procurement
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Titel:International Public Procurement
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International contractors seeking to supply public entities frequently encounter highly divergent, and in some cases, restrictive or even discriminatory rules from one jurisdiction to another.

This hands-on legal practitioner’s guide covers the regulations, procedures and steps practitioners must know in order to effectively deal with international public procurement issues in major jurisdictions.

Each chapter considers the source of the country’s power to contract for the procurement of goods and services. Also discussed are the steps involved in the procurement procedure from the initial determination of the need for goods or services through to the award of the contract.

Organized by country, you’ll receive a step-by-step analysis covering the following key points:
A. Public Procurement and its Legal Basis
B. Procedure for Award of Public Procurement Contracts
C. Procedure for Governmental Agency Award of Public Utility Contracts
D. Procedure for Publicity Controlled Utilities
E. Licensed Utilities Award of Utility Contracts and Implementation of Public Procurement Contracts

Helpful Procedure Headings consider indispensable issues for bidders such as:
- Award Principles
- Types of Procedure
- Notices
- Time Limits
- Qualification of Tenders
- Remedies

International Public Procurement also includes principles such as openness, accountability, environmental protection and achieving social justice goals. The importance of quality assurance in both the public and private sectors overseas is described, as is the impact of its requirements upon the procurement process. In addition, the standard terms and conditions which procurement departments and agencies may insist upon are referred to.
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