Fighting Corruption
– International Corporate Integrity Handbook
Titel:Fighting Corruption – International Corporate Integrity Handbook
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Corruption has a corrosive impact on international business. Fighting Corruption lays out the problems and offers practical solutions on how to attack commercial dishonesty at its source.

In the third edition of this highly acclaimed volume, ICC experts offer solutions to combat this scourge of global trade and investment.

Completely updated from the second edition, Fighting Corruption includes new material covering the changing views of facilitation payments, the recent UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and valuable tips on how to prevent extortion.

Covering subjects as diverse as money laundering, the role of agents, extortion, accounting and whistleblowing, this invaluable book will be the tool of reference for managers, compliance officers, lawyers and anyone concerned with stamping out bribery, extortion and the other evils associated with corruption.

Table of Contents:
Foreword 5
Introduction 7
Part I: Historical and Legal Perspectives
Chapter 1 ICC Rules of Conduct and the OECD Convention 11
Chapter 2 UNCAC: Anti-Corruption’s Expanding 23
Chapter 3 Prohibiting Bribery and Extortion: 37
Narrowing the problem areas
Chapter 4 The Role of agents and other Intermediaries 53
Part II: Management Initiatives
Chapter 5 Responsibilities of Enterprises 67
Chapter 6 Accounting, Auditing and Financial Controls 85
Chapter 7 Whistleblowing 101
Chapter 8 Compliance by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 117
Part III: Problem Areas
Chapter 9 Money Laundering 127
Chapter 10 Political and charitable Contributions 153
and Sponsorships
Chapter 11 Private to Private Bribery 167
Chapter 12 Preventing Extortion 183
Chapter 13 Overcoming Corruption on Customs 195
Chapter 14 Moving Anti-Corruption to the Next Level 209
Appendix 1: ICC Rules of Conduct and Recommendations: 219
Combating Extortion and Bribery (2005 edition)
Appendix 2: ICC Guidelines on Whistleblowing 231
Appendix 3: OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of 237
Foreign Public Officials in International
Business Transactions
Appendix 4 United Nations Convention against Corruption 251
Appendix 5 Council of Europe Civil Law Convention on Corruption 299
Appendix 6 About the authors 301
ICC at a Glance 305

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