The Restructuring Review
Författare:Mallon Christopher
Titel:The Restructuring Review
Upplaga:3 uppl.
Förlag:Law Business Research Ltd
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We are very pleased to present this third edition of The Restructuring Review. As with the first and second editions, our intention is to help general counsel, government agencies and private practice lawyers understand the conditions that have been prevailing in the global restructuring market in 2009/2010 and to highlight some of the more significant legal and commercial developments and trends during that period.

The global economy is still struggling to emerge from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The past year has seen credit conditions improve in many areas and global asset prices generally start to stabilise. Government support for the banking system and the economy generally continues to be a key factor in maintaining the relative stability. The effects of the global recession, however, continue to be felt. Unemployment figures are still following an upwards trend and economic growth is still, despite some bright spots, generally uninspiring. Considerable uncertainty remains as to how best to remedy the current weaknesses in our economic system that has made the downturn so severe.

The main stock markets have continued their rally but there still remains no consensus as to how long this surge can continue and the risk of a double dip recession is still there. Banks have generally made a good recovery, but with national economies continuing to face fiscal tightening, talk of a full recovery in the short to medium term remains premature.

Each contributor to The Restructuring Review is a distinguished legal practitioner in his or her local jurisdiction. Practising lawyers need to be familiar with the issues most relevant to the commercial operation of their international clients, and the Review represents an immediate and accessible summary of the most important and relevant developments for distressed businesses across 32 of the most significant jurisdictions worldwide
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