Manual of accounting 2010
Titel:Manual of accounting 2010
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Contents Includes:

Key updates include:

- Guidance on new IFRSs effective from 2009: IAS 1 (revised), 'Presentation of financial statements', IFRS 8, 'Segment reporting', IFRS 3 (revised) and IAS 27 (revised), 'Consolidated and separate financial statements'
- New chapter on hyperinflation and the implementation of IAS 29, 'Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies'
- New guidance on implementing IFRS 2, 'Share based payments'
- New guidance on subsequent changes in an unrecognised deferred tax liability or asset
- Additional guidance on provisions including new practical examples of onerous contracts
- Updated guidance on proposals included in the IASB's 2009 annual improvements project

Product Includes:

The 2010 set includes:

- Manual of accounting - IFRS 2010
- Manual of accounting - Financial instruments 2010
- Illustrative IFRS corporate consolidated financial statements for 2009 year ends

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