Directors' Duties And Shareholder Litigation In The Wake Of The Financial Crisis
Författare:Loughrey Joan
Titel:Directors' Duties And Shareholder Litigation In The Wake Of The Financial Crisis
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The financial crisis revealed failings at board level at many financial institutions. But despite calls for bank boards to be held to account, there has been a remarkable paucity of litigation against bank directors for breach of their duties to their institutions. This book assesses whether the law relating to directors’ duties and shareholder litigation has contributed to this, taking into account the changes to both that were introduced by the Companies Act 2006.


Joan Loughrey

1. The Director’s Duty of Care and Skill and the Financial Crisis
Joan Loughrey

2. The Duty to Promote the Success of the Company: Is it Fit for Purpose in a Post-financial Crisis World?
Andrew Keay

3. Narrative Reporting and Enlightened Shareholder Value Under the Companies Act 2006
Charlotte Villiers

4. Think Again: How Good Leaders Can Avoid Bad Decisions
Andrew Campbell

5. Shareholder Activism and Litigation Against UK Banks – the Limits of Company Law and the Desperate Resort to Human Rights Claims?
Roman Tomasic and Folarin Akinbami

6. Recent Cases on the Winding-up of Hedge Funds on Treasure Islands
Robin Hollington

7. An Assessment of the Present State of Statutory Derivative Proceedings
Andrew Keay and Joan Loughrey

8. Directors’ Duties and Shareholder Litigation: The Practical Perspective
Joan Loughrey

Joan Loughrey

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