Satow's Diplomatic Practice
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Titel:Satow's Diplomatic Practice
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First published in 1917, Satow's Diplomatic Practice has long been hailed as a classic and authoritative text. An indispensable guide for anyone working in or studying the field of diplomacy, this eighth edition builds on the extensive revisions in the sixth and seventh editions. The volume provides an enlarged and updated section on the history of diplomacy, including the exponential growth in multilateral diplomacy, and revises comprehensively the practice of diplomacy and the corpus of diplomatic and international law since the end of the Cold War. A new chapter provides extensive case studies of good and bad diplomacy. The book traces the substantial expansion in numbers both of sovereign states and international and regional organizations and features detailed chapters on diplomatic privileges and immunities, diplomatic missions, as well as consular matters, treaty-making and conferences. The volume also examines alternative forms of diplomacy, from the work of NGOs to the use of secret envoys, as well as a study of the interaction with intelligence agencies and commercial security firms. It also discusses the impact of international terrorism and other violent non-state actors on the life and work of a diplomat. The eighth edition offers a new chapter on recent developments and challenges of modern diplomacy, particularly in the light of the increasing importance and weight of China and the shock to the international system administered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Finally, in recognition of the speed of changes in the field over the last twenty years, it includes updated chapters on human rights and public/digital diplomacy by experts in their respective fields.

- Fully updated eighth edition of the globally recognized leading authoritative text on diplomacy and its practice

- Offers an accessible yet exhaustive overview for both those working in diplomacy and the general reader

- Covers diplomatic communications, privileges, immunities, human rights, and humanitarian intervention (including responsibility to protect (R2P)), public, secret and track two (alternative) diplomacy polar international order

- Analyses contemporary issues: the rise of China and the threat to the post-war international order from authoritarian States

New to this Edition:

- Offers expanded discussion on the history of diplomacy as well as new developments like the expanded role of multilateral diplomacy

- Analyses the proliferation of international organisations, including changes in the European Union since Brexit

- Includes a new chapter with commentary on and examples of good and bad diplomacy

- Contains revised chapters on international law with case studies, human rights in international relations, and public and digital diplomacy

Table of Contents:

Book I

1:Diplomacy - A Short History, Ivor Roberts
2:Good and Bad Diplomacy, Ivor Roberts and Margaret Macmillan
3:Contemporary Diplomatic Challenges, Margaret Macmillan, Rana Mitter, and Ivor Roberts
4:Introduction to International Law, Elizabeth Wilmshurst
5:The State: Its Concept as a Legal Person in International Law, Elizabeth Wilmshurst

Book II

6:Functions of Diplomatic Missions and Consulates, Ivor Roberts
7:Diplomatic Communication, Ivor Roberts
8:Formal Aspects of Diplomatic Relations: Precedence among Heads of State and States, Selection, Agrément, Precedence among Heads of Mission, Chargés d Affaires, Credentials, Full Powers for Heads of Mission, Ivor Roberts
9:The Diplomatic Mission, The Corps, Breach of Relations, and Protection of Interests, Eileen Denza
10:Terrorism and Diplomacy, Ivor Roberts

Book III

11:Immunities of the State, its Agencies, The Head of State, AND State Officials, Joanne Foakes
12:Privileges and Immunities of Diplomatic Missions, Eileen Denza
13:Privileges and Immunities of Diplomatic Agents, Eileen Denza
14:Consuls: Appointment, Functions and Status, Eileen Denza and Chanaka Wickremasinghe
15:Consular Access and Protection, Eileen Denza and Chanaka Wickremasinghe
16:Special Missions, Joanne Foakes

Book IV

17:Theory and Practice of Multilateral Diplomacy, Emyr Jones Parry
18:Human Rights and Diplomacy, Amal Clooney
19:The United Nations - I the Charter and its Operation, Emyr Jones Parry
20:The United Nations - II Specialized Agencies, Funds and Programmes, Regional Commissions, and Special Bodies, Emyr Jones Parry
21:The G8/G7, G20, BRICS, WTO, OECD, IMF, and the World Bank, Ivor Roberts
22:The European Union - I Development, Structure, and Decision-Making, Paul Berman
23:The European Union II External Relations, Paul Berman
24:Other International and Regional Organizations - Commonwealth, NATO, Council of Europe, OAS, AU, ASEAN, CIS, Francophonie, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Gulf Cooperation Council, OSCE, Quad, SCO, Ivor Roberts

Book V

25:Public and Digital Diplomacy, Tom Fletcher
26:Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs), Ivor Roberts
27:Secret or Back-Channel Diplomacy, Secret Intelligence, Religious and other Unconventional Diplomatic Actors, Ivor Roberts

Book VI

28:International Conferences, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge
29:Treaties and other International Instruments - I General Definition, Treaty Formalities, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge
30:Treaties and other International Instruments - II Treaty, Convention, Agreement, Protocol, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge
31:Treaties and other International Instruments - III Pact, Act, Modus Vivendi, Declaration, Exchange of Notes, Memorandum of Understanding, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge
32:Treaties and other International Instruments - IV Ratification, Accession, Acceptance and Approval, Treaty Succession, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge
33:Treaties and other International Instruments - V Interpretation, Reservations, Termination, The Effect of War, IUS Cogens, Frank Berman and Eirik Bjorge

Book VII

34:Prevention and Management of Conflict and Settlement of Disputes, Emyr Jones Parry
35:Courts and Arbitral Tribunals: The International Court of Justice and Other Binding Means of Dispute Settlement, Elizabeth Wilmshurst
36:Prosecutions - The International Criminal Court and other Tribunals, Elizabeth Wilmshurst


37:Advice To Diplomats, Ivor Roberts and Emyr Jones Parry
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