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Rule of Law
– Perspectives From Around the Globe
Författare:Neate Francis
Titel:Rule of Law – Perspectives From Around the Globe
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Building the Rule of Law across the world is an important and vital commitment for the worldwide legal profession. This book draws together worldwide International Bar Association symposiums and other papers on the topic to provide a commentary on the subject from leading individuals and practitioners. Themes covered include:
- access to justice in developing jurisdictions;
- corruption;
- corporate responsibility;
- cross-border pro bono legal assistance;
- freedom of expression;
- extreme situations;
- and independence of the judiciary and the legal profession.

List of Contributors
1. Introduction: a brief history of the the Rule of Law, Francis Neate
2. IBA Council's Resolution of September 2005 and accompanying commentary, Francis Neate; Addresses to the joint IBA/ABA Symposium held in September 2006
3. Rule of Law Opening Remarks, Karen Mathis
4. Opening Speech, Francis Neate
5. The Rule of Law: Striking a Balance in an Era of Terrorism, Mary Robinson
6. Terrorism and the Rule of Law, Rt Hon Lord Peter Goldsmith, MOSCOW, Addresses to the Symposium held in June 2007
7. Rule of Law and Legal Awareness, Valery Zorkin
8. The meaning and importance of the Rule of Law, Francis Neate
9. The Independence of the Judiciary, Judge William Birtles
10. Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, Geoffrey Vos QC
11. The Role of an Independent Legal Profession in Establishing and Upholding the Rule of Law, a Swedish Perspective, Anne Ramberg, RUSSIA, Address to OSCE meeting in 2007
12. The World Rule of Law Movement and the Moscow City Chamber of Advocates, Genry Reznik; THE SOUTH PACIFIC, Addresses to the Symposium organised by the Law Council of Australia in August 2007
13. Role of the Legal Profession in the Rule of Law, Hon Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE
14. Judicial Appointments and Judicial Independence, Hon Wayne Martin
15. Independence of the Prosecution, Nicholas Cowdery AM, QC, SINGAPORE, Addresses to the Symposium held in October 2007
16. The Meaning and Importance of the Rule of Law, Professor S. Jayakumar
17. The Rule of Law in a Globalising World, Judge Hitashi Owada AFRICA
18. The Role of the Legal Profession in Promoting and Protecting the Rule of Law and Independence of the Judiciary (Paper written in 2008), Sternford Moyo, Address to the IBA's Annual Bar Leaders' Conference held in May 2008
19. How The Nigerian Bar Association Promotes and Defends the Rule of Law in Nigeria, Olisa Agbakoba
20. Tales of Terrorism and Torture, Judge Albie Sachs, LATIN AMERICA, Edited transcript of the simultaneous translation into English of the addresses to the Symposium held in October 2008
21. The Rule of Law: views from Latin America, Jose Maria Sanguinetti
22. The Rule of Law: views from Latin America, Freddie Guevara-Cortez
23. Question and Answer Session Paper forming the basis of an address to the Symposium held in October 2008
24. The independence of the Judiciary and the Rule of Law, Dr Leonard Despouy, GENERAL
25. The Role of Multinational Corporations in Promoting the Rule of Law, The Perspective from International Business, Andy Prozes
26. The Rule of Law, The Sixth Sir David Williams Lecture, Cambridge, 16 November 2006, Rt Hon Lord Thomas Bingham
27. Concluding Remarks, Francis Neate
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