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Freedom of Speech and Expression
– Its History, Its Value, Its Good Use, and Its Misuse
Författare:Sorabji Richard
Titel:Freedom of Speech and Expression – Its History, Its Value, Its Good Use, and Its Misuse
Omfång:216 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Typ av verk:Monografi
Serie:The Rutgers Lectures in Philosophy
Ämnesord:Allmän rättslära , Statsvetenskap och politik , Offentlig rätt

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This is the second volume of the new Rutgers Lectures in Philosophy series, which publishes lectures of prominent intellectuals and philosophers delivered annually on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus.

Sir Richard Sorabji here examines free speech through a historical lens from antiquity up to today. He first traces the concept's origins in ancient India, Rome, and Greece, and follows its evolution through early Christian, medieval, and Arabic philosophy. He then evaluates historical threats to free speech in literary, political, and religious contexts, and various legal constraints that have attempted to protect it. He discusses the tension between the benefits of free speech and its frustations and abuses, and argues for the use of voluntary self-restraint on such speech that frustrates its benefits, citing for example the art identified by Gandhi as "opening ears." Finally, he closes with an analysis of free speech on social media and the abuse of personal data and voter manipulation.

With Freedom of Speech and Expression, Sorabji provides a comprehensive overview of the topic informed by his distinct philosophical analysis and perceptive commentary.

- Studies beneficial speech in historical figures, such as Gandhi and his "open ears" philosophy.

- Debates the benefits of free speech as a right, and possible frustrations and abuses of such benefits.

- Discusses use of speech on social media for fake and targeted election propaganda and abuse.

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Foreword


Chapter I

The Benefits seen in Free Speech and its Gradual Extension from Some to All: An Intercultural History
Chapter II

The Benefits of Free Speech and Expression: Productive versus Counter-Productive speech, and Voluntary Boundaries
Chapter III

Free Speech on Social Media: How to Protect our Freedoms from the Social Media that Trade in our Personal Data


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