Business Development for Lawyers
– Strategies for Getting and Keeping Clients
Författare:Schmidt Sally J.
Titel:Business Development for Lawyers – Strategies for Getting and Keeping Clients
Omfång:306 sid.
Förlag:Alm Publishing
Ämnesord:Ekonomi , Organisation och ledarskap , Övrigt

Pris: 634 SEK exkl. moms
Whether you're launching a practice or trying to expand your book of business, this guide gives you the help you seek. From developing a reputation to developing relationships, from retaining existing clients to generating new business, Business Development for Lawyers: Strategies for Getting and Keeping Clients examines all the available techniques, providing you with the expert insights and practical tips you need to make them work for you. You'll learn how to write for publications, make effective presentations, network, handle the media, get results from participating in conferences and social events, follow up with contacts, build relationships with referral sources, close the deal with prospective clients and more. This book from a leading law firm marketer and consultant is an excellent starting point for anyone developing a personal marketing plan or for the lawyer who wants to improve personal marketing and business development skills.
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