The Smarter Legal Model
– more from less
Titel:The Smarter Legal Model – more from less
Anmärkning:Trevor Faure, Global General Counsel, Ernst & Young Global Ltd
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Ämnesord:Organisation och ledarskap , Ekonomi , Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt

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The Smarter Legal Model is a practical toolbox of complementary methodologies which have been applied on a multi-million dollar scale and proven to:

Reduce legal costs.
Increase the legal work covered without increasing cost or headcount, by maximising individual potential.
Improve both compliance and client satisfaction at the same time.
Replace the traditional law firm-client tension with a mutually profitable partnership.
The Smarter Legal Model applies world-class business and behavioral principles, such as Six Sigma, return on invested capital, zero-sum game theory and neuro-linguistic programming to the practice of law for the first time with tangible results.

Recently reported benefits of the Model include a 27% reduction in legal fees, a 60% reduction in litigation volume and demonstrable improvements in client satisfaction. The Smarter Legal Model will be of use to in-house lawyers, private practitioners and even professionals from non-legal disciplines.

The Smarter Legal Model has been adopted by major concerns and has been the subject of extensive analysis across the world. The Author has lectured on the Model at Harvard Law School, Oxford University, Georgetown Law School; in Washington, New York, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm and Sydney.
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